• After securing the hooks for connecting MYOR ONE or TWO to the bitts of the boat, they can be positioned with the boat hook or using the properly installed bow.
  • Connect the windward side first and then the second hook, while reversing the gear.
  • No permanent changes to the piers are necessary.
  • In order to unhook from MYOR ONE or TWO, operate the release lever when the connection rope with the boat is stretched. This operation can be carried out with the boat hook or with a special release rope.
  • Position MYOR ONE or TWO preferably near the mooring points of the pier by fastening a chain to the rings.
  • If there are no couplings near the vertical side of the pier and only bollards are available on the horizontal surface, fix a beam on the vertical side of the pier and fasten MYOR with the same chain.
  • If there are only bitts on the pier, connect MYOR ONE or TWO to a chain stretched on a beam fastened to the bollards, positioned on the vertical side (for example, use a bridge axle for construction).

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