• FLEX is flexible and soft therefore nothing happens if you move against FLEX.
  • After having secured the FLEX hooks to the bitt of the boat, they can be launched or positioned inside the grate with the boat hook. The hook rotates automatically preventing accidental release.
  • Connect the windward side first and then the second hook, while reversing the gear.
  • No permanent changes to the piers are necessary.
  • Asses the distance between the mooring rings or the bitts by choosing the slightly shorter model.
  • If there are couplings on the vertical side of the pier, stretch and secure the thimble side preferably behind the mooring rings.
  • After fixing the side towards the pier, stretch the opposite side by means of the flexible bows as shown in the following figures.
  • If there are only bitts on the pier, keep MYOR FLEX stretched with a beam fastened with a chain to the bollards, positioned on the vertical side (for example, use a bridge axle for construction).

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