the MYOR SINGLE KIT includes: the single hook with short bar and spreader bar and the bow

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It is suitable for boats with outboard engines or in the presence of important stern extensions such as external rudders, and with moorings equipped with at least one lateral support (dock fingers or adjacent boats). In the presence of side wind, to avoid the “flag effect” we suggest the solution of two single hooks and stabilizer, to be fixed near the connections on the pier. The kit includes: the float with single hook, short bar with slingbar and the bow. This version is specific for floating docks with mooring rings / bollards close to the water surface. The short bar with slingbar can be fixed in the central position of your berth. It is possible to hook up with the bow and with the fast coupling for approaching hook (1 fast coupling already included in the kit).
The plastic part is made of polyethylene (PE), the mechanical system is made of stainless steel.
Dimensions: 55 cm x 46 cm, connecting bar length 25 cm. Closed headband length 150 cm. It is possible to request the 200 cm long version.

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