Frequently asked questions

What size is the bow when I take it off?2018-02-12T12:47:55+02:00

A diameter, in the major point, of 9 cm and a length from 1.3 meters to 2 meters depending on the model.

Am I forced to bring the opened bow with me?2018-02-12T12:48:58+02:00

No, I can remove it and compact it or keep it flipped close to the runners.

Do I have to make holes in my boat?2018-02-12T12:50:08+02:00

No, I can apply a double-sided adhesive in the most appropriate position in order to hook the bow.

Do I have to make permanent changes to my boat?2018-02-12T12:45:15+02:00

No, the bow must be positioned and removed only during mooring and unmooring operations. The rope can be fixed to the bollards or, if desired, in sailboats, it can be connected to the winches to adjust the distance from the pier.

Do I have to permanently change the pier?2018-02-12T12:44:11+02:00

No, I use the bollards or rings on the pier to place a chain that connects them; to this I will connect MYOR (in case of buoy I will use the provided connection bar).

When I’m out, does the hook automatically re-arm?2018-02-12T12:40:55+02:00


What power should I give to the engine at this stage?2018-02-12T12:39:17+02:00

Regulate the engine speed to the minimum to ensure the necessary thrust to oppose the wind or sea stream that pushes the boat against the pier.

Is it easy and convenient to use during departure phase?2018-02-12T12:37:54+02:00

Yes, it is possible to assemble and fasten the bow in a few seconds and, once you put the engine forward and unhook the rope and the mooring ropes, it is possible to disengage using the boat hook or a rope controlled from the steering gear even if away from the stern (or bow).

Will it work even with wind?2018-02-12T12:33:35+02:00

Yes, it is one of the main reasons why MYOR has been invented.

Will it also work with wave?2018-02-12T12:32:16+02:00

Yes, it is necessary to well moderate the height of the bow and proceed slowly on the last meter.

Can I unhook from the steering gear with a rope instead of using boat hook?2018-02-12T12:20:53+02:00

Yes, it is possible to use a rope which can be activated from the steering gear.

What can I do if I cannot distinguish the position from the steering gear?2018-02-12T12:22:56+02:00

I can apply the reference pole on the float.

How to avoid marine vegetation on the float?2018-02-12T12:25:38+02:00

The float can be easily replaced or painted with antifouling.

What happens if the float touches temporarily the gelcoat of the boat?2018-02-12T12:27:06+02:00

Nothing, because it’s made of plastic and does not do any damage.

Even if we’re near the port with rough sea?2018-02-12T12:28:11+02:00


How long does it take to assemble the bow?2018-02-12T12:29:34+02:00

It is an operation you can complete in less than a minute.

Is it easy to assemble and to close?2018-02-12T12:46:48+02:00


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